Mindfulness: Don’t Project Your Loneliness on Others

There are not as many harmful people in the world as we think. We are the only gentle souls in our thoughts. If you look at WhatsApp or Facebook statuses with little alertness, you will find such thoughts being propagated. This is more so in lockdown because inner loneliness is mixed with outer worries.

We need to understand this illusion. We cannot allow our mind to function according to others. Not able to disassociate oneself from any specific experience is a trapping. A mind entrapped in the past doesn’t get the energy, just like a person who feels pain when trapped in thrones. That’s why cleansing of mind is essential.

I have come across two kinds of people in my life. One who treat others with love. These people are not interested in harming others. Others are totally opposite. They like to demean others. For some time, they might appear to be ahead of others, but they never go far. Their energy dries away.

The excellent novel by Amrit Lal Naagar titled ‘Nachyo Bahut Gopal’ and ‘My Experiments with Truth’ by Mahatma Gandhi have always helped in understanding the second kind of people. It is not easy to avoid such people. They appear very attractive from outside. In such conditions, mind is to be kept as per our innate nature.

Our own mind-trappings harm us more than anything else. We should focus on our mind. This will give us calmness. Expectations gives disappointment. That is why don’t expect anything in return of your love.