Unemployed dad’s ‘I am not OK’ tweet goes viral with over 100,000 messages of support

A man’s searingly honest tweet admitting “I am not OK” has gone viral and he’s had thousands of people reply offering support and encouragement.

Edmund O’Leary, 51, who has been unemployed for 18 months and is divorced and living alone, pressed send on his heartbreaking message on Friday night.

The pandemic has left him “feeling rock bottom” after enduring an “absolutely horrendous” year.

He tweeted: “I am not ok. Feeling rock bottom.

“Please take a few seconds to say hello if you see this tweet. Thank you.”

The former mental health worker from Surrey was inundated with words of encouragement, pictures and offers to chat from across the world.

Edmund, who describes himself as a “proud dad of twins”, admitted his mental health has suffered after being turned down for countless jobs, as well as suffering from loneliness after living alone during the pandemic.

The tweet has now been seen over 10 million times, with nearly 100,000 replies and 300,000 likes.

People have shared inspirational pictures of sunsets and snaps of their pets in a bid to lift his spirits.

Edmund has been invited for coffee and had other ask if they wanted them to take a look at his CV.

Former Tory MP Louise Mensch replied to him on Saturday: “How are you doing this morning? DM if you need someone to talk to.”

While someone in the US penned: “Hello from across the pond, Edmund! You are such an amazing person to reach out like this and inspire others.

“A lot of people are struggling right now, but in life nothing remains constant.

“Things will get better and the sun will shine again. Please hang in there. Peace.”

Even Dublin Airport’s official social media account wrote: “Hi Edmund, you are not alone.

“So many people are feeling exactly that way at the minute. Never forget that you are loved & there are people who care about you.

“We see you like 747s; here’s one just for you, along with a picture of dawn in Dublin. Sending you hugs from back home.”

Surprised by the staggering response, Edmund told The Sunday Times: “Most days are really rubbish, and yesterday was another day I was feeling really low.

“I am shocked at the degree of the response. It has been phenomenal … It was just crazy.

“If I were to respond to every single tweet, I’m not joking, I’d need to employ staff.

Edmund added that this year has been “absolutely horrendous” as his mental health had “really taken a battering.”